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How To Purchase a Vehicle – Smarter!

Hello everyone, My name is Joe. I’m a husband to my beautiful wife and a dad to our two doggies. I love boating, fishing, playing bocce, saving money, and learning how to spend smarter.

The new truck!

I recently started a new career with BNB Credit Builders. I’m grateful for this opportunity to work with and for an awesome group of people. Since beginning this position, I’ve been able to learn many new ways to use and build my credit at the same time. One specific new skill set I’ve learned is how to use my credit cards to my advantage. 

My wife and I were recently looking to purchase a new vehicle, so I started tossing around different options of how to complete the purchase. This was prior to beginning work at BNB so I was familiar with only a few different options. Now this is a personal choice for us, but we are not fans of leasing vehicles. Our first option was paying cash out of our savings account. This option is not always available for people. The second option was financing through the dealership or our bank. The third option was utilizing a home equity loan. What I’m learning from BNB Credit Builders is a completely new strategy to help make my money work more for me. What we decided to do was something that might seem strange at first – but you’ll see how incredibly smart it is. My wife and I both signed up for a new credit card through BNB. This card gives us 2% cash back for all purchases. We found a dealership that allows us to place a portion of the purchase on a credit card. By doing this, we have been able to earn a significant amount of cash back that we are now able to use toward additional purchases.  Also, the balance we put on the card gives us on time payments – meaning we are continuing to build credit while using this card!

In closing, purchasing a vehicle on a credit card was a completely new idea for me, but one that was very beneficial to my family. I will definitely recommend this idea of paying on credit to others. This concept can be used in multiple different ways because credit cards can be used for large purchases, household necessities, monthly expenses or even paying utility bills. It is very important that you are able to pay your credit card balance down to avoid late payments and high interest. Even if you pay your credit card off in a month, you’lll have earned the rewards. The more one uses their credit cards, the more money is able to be saved/earned. A lot of people just want to take the easier route when financing large purchases, but it’s possible to finance your purchase AND earn money at the same time. If you’re looking for different strategies on how to make your money work for you, contact BNB Credit Builders for free consultation.

My wife and I.

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