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Michael Burrows

Credit Repair VS. Credit Building

The information on your credit report makes up your credit score. BNB Credit Builders helps to optimize the credit report to help our clients earn the best score.

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re ready to start fixing your credit. Maybe your credit isn’t bad, but it’s just not great and you want to improve it….maybe you’ve earned yourself some derogatory marks on your credit report and they’re holding you back from approvals…..or maybe you’ve just realized how expensive your bad credit really is. No matter what factors have influenced you to begin working on your credit, the good news is that there are a few options to help. 

Here at BNB Credit Builders, we offer many services, two of which are credit repair and credit building. At first glance, they might seem the same, but we promise, they’re not! You can do one or both. 

Credit repair is a service we offer to our clients who have derogatory credit remarks, errors on their credit reports, or misleading information reporting to the credit bureaus. These factors can damage your credit – and odds of approval! Our credit repair specialists are trained to identify these negative factors on the credit reports and work to remove or repair them. This step can improve your credit profile and the score dramatically! To begin credit repair, you must be at a point where you are no longer incurring negative remarks. This means you’re able to pay your bills on time and you are able to keep a manageable balance on your credit cards.

The other side of credit repair is credit building. This service is great for people who already have a strong credit profile, but need to continue adding positive accounts to their credit report. Adding positive accounts means you’re adding more on time payments, more accounts with less utilization, and more age and limit to your credit profile. Our theory is that if negative accounts hurt your credit, then adding positive accounts to your credit report will only increase your score and improve your overall credit profile. An example of a positive credit builder account can be found here. We help our clients set up an account with Self so that they gain on time payments, low utilization, and some age to their credit report for up to two years. 

Investing in credit repair or credit building can save you thousands of dollars per year in interest, so if you’ve been on the fence about whether to start your credit repair journey, think of this article as a sign. Call us today to learn what services can help you improve your credit now! 814-636-6326 or visit our website at www.bnbcreditbuilders.com

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